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Suzanne McFadden: Team New Zealand’s Burling in a class of his own

AUCKLAND, NZL – Craig Monk, who through sailing has become a friend of [Peter] Burling, describes him as highly intuitive, and a leader in the new generation of sailors who have mastered apparent wind sailing – boats sailing so fast they create their own wind.“He’s cut from just the right cloth for this kind of ‘flying’ America’s Cup – short, focused racing where you can’t afford to make a mistake,” Monk says. “He is a fighter pilot. And he looks the most relaxed when he’s holding the wheel doing 48 knots.”Burling has an instinctive feel for a boat, which he admits plays a major role in his ability to eke more speed out of boats.“Feel is a big part of it. Being able to feel if the loads are increasing or decreasing, how the boat is moving forward and knowing what to change,” he told Boating New Zealand two years ago.Suzanne McFadden in her latest superb AC piece for As she texted me a few minutes ago, "Here's a bit of a special one for ya." Thanks, Suzanne! TFE highly recommends the Full Story.

Peter Burling is economical with his words on the water, but he has learned to talk the talk on dry land. Pictured here in Bermuda with his cross-Tasman Olympic and AC arch-rival, and good friend, Nathan Outteridge (AUS). Photo: Ricardo Pinto/ACEA via

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