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Fake news: SI calls BS on this video from San Diego's Mission Bay

SAN DIEGO, CA – This morning a video has been making the rounds on other sailing websites purporting to show a legit "rescue" by a jet-boarder who righted a catamaran in Mission Bay last weekend. The cat just happened to capsize nearby the jet-boarder when the cameras we rolling. Yeah, right. (Remind you of the capsize by an AC team a few weeks back?)

But any decent sailor who watches the vid with even a modicum of care can see what really went down – the cat approaches the jet-boarder, the lone sailor ducks under the boom to the leeward side, grabs the sidestay and, while standing, hikes off it (to leeward) to capsize the boat.

The jet-boarder even did a follow-up interview with some fake TV news guy claiming it was not staged. A lousy PR stunt if ever there was one. Your Ed. won't name the company promoting the video, but, yes, it has to do with jet-boarding. Even lamer are the websites that tried to pass it, and the rad Rastafarian jet-boarder, as the real deal. Sad.

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