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Sayonara SoftBank Team Japan and Dean Barker

IT'S SAD really. Dean Barker was up 8-1 in SF in 2013, on Match point. Loses the Cup 9-8. Up 3-1 yesterday in his Semi against Nathan Outteridge, and loses three in a row, and with another loss today (giving away the lead with a bad tactical choice), he gives the Semi to SWE 5-3. Did we say snake bitten? Did SI predict more than a week before the regatta that Deano, having been the weak link in the 2013 ETNZ chain, would be the same for SBTJ this time? Nice guy, great sailor, but you could see it in his face, in his eyes, at last night's presser. I soooo wanted to see Dean and SoftBank Team Japan in the Challenger Finals against his old team, ETNZ, with, LOL, no doubt Oracle helping JPN behind the scenes. But, as SI surmised weeks ago, it was not to be. Yes, it's sad really.

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