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AC35: Should be raceable the rest of the week, but then it gets light

NICE MEDIUM BREEZE TODAY, and breezier again tomorrow but should be raceable unless the forecast changes. Nonetheless, Regatta Director Iain Murray may try to run a lot of races today, depending upon how the Semis go after losing yesterday to too much wind. With one team in each pair on 3-1, if JPN and NZL each win both their races today it's on to the Finals for both. But if either or both of GBR and SWE notch another win or two, the first-to-five Semis keep on a goin'. If that's the case will the "Big Fella," as he's widely and affectionately known within the sport, run more races after the four (two for each pair) scheduled for today? We will learn more at his morning briefing for the media, and of course keep you posted.

The big question is for how light it's going to get from Sunday on. We will delve into that tomorrow. As always, courtesy of

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