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Bernie Wilson: Team New Zealand capsizes in America's Cup challenger race

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: Chase boats immediately converged on the catamaran and confirmed that all six crew members were accounted for.It was a harrowing end to a chaotic afternoon of racing in squalls and wind that sometimes reached 25 knots.The Kiwi boat appeared to get on its hydrofoils too quickly and lost control, with its bows digging into the water and the boat flipping in what's called a pitch-pole, coming to rest with the top of the wing sail in the water.The catamaran was righted and the damage appeared to be extensive, particularly to the wing sail. There would also be damage to the boat's electronic systems. –The AP's Bernie Wilson, from his usual excellent race-day report. Full story.

Photo: Gilles-Martin Raget / ACEA.

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