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AC35: Day 9 Challenger Semis, Races 2-3 – SWE v. JPN

Artemis Racing v. SoftBank Team Japan. Nathan Outteridge (AUS) v. Dean Barker (NZL). The race is postponed because it was over the 24-knot wind limit. After a few minutes it drops just below the limit, and Regatta Director Iain Murray starts the race. The conditions are fresh to frightening. Barker wins yet another start with Artemis more than 5 seconds late to the line behind. It's looking more like a demolition derby than a yacht race. JPN has a comfortable lead but both teams are struggling to maintain control, but JPN is having a much better time of it than SWE. On Artemis carbon parts are coming loose and flying aft. Not as badly, but also on JPN.

And now it happens. Artemis can't seem to control her port dagger-foil and have some crazy instability side to side as well as digging in of their bows. SWE look in shock and have dailed way back, just trying to get the boat around the track in one piece. Likewise, JPN have throttled back and are in survival mode given their now huge lead.

TV seems more interested in the speed record "creeping up toward fifty knots."

Eventually SWE retires when it becomes clear JPN will complete the course. They do, impressively, and go up 2-1 in their semi.

Now let's see if ETNZ are back on the water after having to go ashore to replace their wing.

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