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AC35: Day 9 Challenger Semis, Race 4 – SWE v. JPN

Artemis Racing v. SoftBank Team Japan. Nathan Outteridge (AUS) v. Dean Barker (NZL). Deano wins yet another start and blasts off to a tenuous lead at the bear-away mark. It turns into a huge lead when Artemis cannot bear away and continue through the boundary, going way outside. So much so that when they finally jibe they are able to sail directly to gate and incur another penalty for gaining an advantage, neither of which they take timely. So the umpires assess them a third penalty, or so your Ed. believes. Finally the Swedes park the yacht upwind on Leg 3 until the penalties are served and the Umps turn off the blue light, letting them resume the race.

While they are parked (well, slowed way down, really) to take the penalties, a member of the Swedish team (no need to name him, a good friend) is shouting over the comms at Chief Umpire Richard Slater out of frustration. As you may recall, this is not the first time the Swedish team has had words with the umpires.

With a huge lead, JPN have dialed way back, not even risking a foiling tack in some cases, while Artemis gamely continue around the track some 600m behind, just hoping that JPN will break down. Weather seems to be clearing and the breeze dropping a bit, down to the mid-teens, as Dean & Co. win by :27 and go ahead 3-1 in their Semifinal.

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