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Another nice day on the Bay, a beaut breeze, and excellent brunch at GGYC

YOU WOULDN'T KNOW IT from the AC35 TV coverage, but the actual holder of the America's Cup is not Larry Ellison or ORACLE TEAM USA, but San Francisco's Golden Gate Yacht Club. GGYC is, under the Deed of Gift, the Defender/Trustee of the Cup. That they have delegated their fiduciary duty and responsibility under the Deed to the owner and management of their representative team is not in question; whether it was legal and proper to do so is widely debated.

After today's racing was canned in Bermuda, Meg and I headed to GGYC for some brunch. With a view that is arguably even better than the famously good vista down the street at neighboring St. Francis Yacht Club, a modest but clean and modern facility (thanks to a sprucing up before AC34), and the welcoming and ever-friendly staff led by long-time General Manger Bob Mulhern, there is no better club in the USA if not the world for Sunday brunch – especially given that wide-ranging and tasty buffet on offer for only $20.

Saturday there were only a handful of brunchers on hand to watch the promo'd TV coverage from BDA. Today, with no mention of the AC and the SF Giants on the large-screen TVs, the clubhouse was nearly full upstairs and down. We enjoyed our smoked salmon, Mexican scrambled eggs with guac and salsa on the side, crispy bacon, medley of fresh fruit and more. We skipped the Belgian Waffle chef, but his fare is sure popular with the families!

Afterwards, I couldn't help but stop to take a snap of the Bay with the kiteboarders rocketing back and forth up near the bridge, a clear blue sky over head, and a solid 18+ knots of wind – the same amount of breeze that we've had virtually every day for several weeks, and will have almost every day now through September – an iconically beautiful and reliably windy venue for yacht racing....

Looking west from the small parking lot in front of Golden Gate Yacht Club – another gorgeous and breezy day on the Bay. That's St. Francis YC down the shoreline.

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