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AC35: Bermuda is not reliably windy – today is the third day in ten that was unraceable

ANOTHER DAY OF NO RACING in BDA. It's the third day in ten – 30% – that have been unraceable. And, as I am sure most of our Dear Readers know, statistically, it only gets warmer and lighter as June wears on. In less than two weeks Bermuda has lost more race days than we did during the three entire America's Cups in San Diego, yes three – 1988, 1992 and 1995 – and the 1992 and 1995 Cups each took place over 3.5 months, not one.

But it isn't going to get lighter this week; quite the opposite. Tomorrow, Monday, is a spare day, and the wind looks great –13 to 18 knots. Regatta Director Iain Murray now has to use tomorrow to make up today's racing. Then it gets windy.

Tuesday looks marginal but okay, 18 gusting 30 at 1500 ADT (midway through the two-hour race window). Wednesday looks unraceable, 25 gusting 33 at 1500. Thursday looks windy but okay, 17 gusting 22, but Friday, too, looks dicey, 19 gusting 30. As always, our SAILING ILLUSTRATED weather charts are courtesy of

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