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NZ Herald: Jimmy Spithill takes a dig at TNZ

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: Oracle skipper Jimmy Spihill twisted the knife in Team New Zealand, and has even claimed he has a leak in the Kiwi camp. Spithill's hard-nosed press conference included the claim that Oracle had a better tactical set up on the boat involving three Australians who know each other well. He highlighted mistakes by TNZ and even managed a dig at the New Zealand media."It was great to be under so much pressure," Spithill said, after the win over TNZ. "Both times we've raced Team New Zealand they have made some pretty fundamental the start line today and obviously at the top mark again." –NZ Herald Sports Columnist Chris Rattue writing for the Monday morning paper; the story is already up on their website here, including a video courtesy of Radio New Zealand of Jimmy at the "Mixed Zone" – the post-race broadcast interview area – adding insult to injury. So the mind games begin, and Jimmy is a past master as many of you, and Dean Barker especially, will remember from AC34.

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