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ICSA: Georgetown, BC and Dartmouth atop the Gill Coed College Nationals – final day today

THE START OF RACING IS DELAYED again today, the fourth and final day of racing in the Coed College Nationals sponsored by Gill and hosted by the College of Charleston in, where else, Charleston, SC. They will try to get things underway at 1130 EDT (0830 PDT).

Turns out the protest that Dartmouth won against Hampton University was not insignificant. If they had not won it, Hampton, not Dartmouth, would be in the 18-team finals. And after yesterday's racing, Dartmouth is in the top three along with BC and leader Georgetown. All three have a realistic shot at the title, the oldest and most prestigious in Inter-collegiate sailing.

You can read the ICSA's full press release from last evening, updated, here. Or check all this out on the ICSA website here. If the wind comes good, you can watch the racing in the video window below. The TV crew are up in the YORKTOWN on a hanger deck overlooking the race course. The shots from the camera boat are quite good, as is the commentary from Jon Rogers and Brooks Clark.

Here are the standings as of this morning....

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