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AC35: Day 6, RR2 Race 10 – NZL v. FRA

Emirates Team New Zealand v. Groupama Team France. Peter Burling v. Franck Cammas. Boooooring. Sad even, as we all realize that underdog FRA is facing elimination if and when they lose this race. Ken Read quotes Dennis Conner who has always said, "The America's Cup is all about time and money." Of course, DC is right. And as SAILING ILLUSTRATED said in our pre-regatta predictions article, "Contenders and Pretenders," when it comes to the AC the otherwise famously good yachting nation of France is "always have been a day late and a Euro short."

With NZL almost a leg ahead of FRA as they make their way down Leg 6 of 7, once again attention turns to the Kiwi's Fly Time, which again is holding at 100%. Unlike today's first race, can they maintain 100% through the finish line?

Yesssss! The Kiwis are the first team to complete a race without falling off their foils, even for a split second.

Meanwhile, Franck et Cie on FRA finish fully 4:06 behind NZL, and with one race to go it becomes mathematically impossible for them to advance to the Challenger Playoffs.

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