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AC35: Outerridge says Artemis were using the wrong foils for Tuesday's conditions

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: In hindsight we should have had our other boards on, the same ones we had on yesterday....Unfortunately it was only a knot or two lighter than [Monday], and we were hurt pretty badly because of that. –Artemis helmsman Nathan Outteridge (SWE) in a YouTube interview with BerNewsDotCom after Tuesday's racing revealing that their weather forecast was for lighter air, and that they chose the wrong dagger-foils for the conditions that were similar to Monday's Day 3. As your Ed. has learned from 37 years in the Cup, no one person on a team can win it, but everyone can lose it – from the cooks who fix food that makes everyone sick (yes, it's happened), to the weather team that makes a bad pre-race call. It's not just the sailors. In other words, a team is only as strong as it's weakest link.

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