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Ken Read: "Forget about who won or lost, that race was epic – in sailing history maybe"

THIS IS A MUST WATCH video for AC fans, and anyone else trying to understand the controversy surrounding the umpire call in the SWE-NZL race on Monday. NBCSN commentator Ken Read talks by phone from BDA with NZ Radio about the excellence of the umpiring in general, the incident in particular, how fast Artemis Racing were upwind and why that should concern the other teams, and the "epic" race – one of the best not just in Cup history but, as Ken sees it, in sailing history. Ken is interviewed by RNZ's John Campbell on his Checkpoint show. Your Ed. thinks Ken is mistaken about one thing, or just putting on his brave ACEA face, when he said, "I'm guessing the umpires making the wrong call won't happen again."

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