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AC35: Day 4 Results, Current Standings and Tomorrow's Races

THE BIG QUESTION for tomorrow? Will it be too light to race. When your Ed. checked the latest forecast a few minutes ago it looked un-raceably light. Hopefully that will change. The lower wind limit is 6 knots. As always we'll post an updated forecast courtesy of tomorrow morning. So far has been spot on every day.

If they can't race tomorrow, then there will racing on Thursday which is a lay day (no racing is currently scheduled). It's also looking light Thursday and Friday, so it could get messy for Iain Murray and his ACRM colleagues to get RR2 completed by Saturday, which they must do to keep the regatta on schedule. There are no spare days at the end of this round-robin phase in the past.

Today's results : NZL def. SWE by 1:31; USA def. FRA by 1:56; GBR de. SWE by :30.

Wednesday's racing, four races planned (one more than today). Tomorrow's first and last races could be interesting, and pivotal; not likely the middle two....

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