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AC35: Day 4, Race 2 of RR2 – OTUSA fry the French from start to finish

USA v. FRA. Oracle Team New Zealand v. Groupama Team France. Jimmy Spithill v. Franck Gammas. The ostensible American team wins the start, and the race by 1m56s. The only drama came when a zipper on OTUSA's wing apparently parted, and the small mylar flap that the zipper is supposed to secure (over an access point on the lower wing) was, well, flapping. Gave the commentators something, anything, to talk about in what can only be called a boring race – absurdly so, and of course no surprise. The only take away, once again, is that with FRA beating GBR yesterday, and losing by such a big delta again today, as we said last night the Brits must be bloody slow.

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