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Kiwi Radio: "America's Cup blunder hands Team New Zealand race win over Artemis"

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: The umpires have now admitted they got it wrong, however their decision on the race course stands and the result cannot be reversed."When they were coming down to the final gate mark, with the information we had at the time, we had Artemis Racing on port, as the keep clear boat, and Emirates Team New Zealand on starboard, and our job is to be certain that Artemis Racing were keeping clear, and we weren't at that time certain they were keeping clear," said chief umpire Richard Slater."We have had a discussion, we have looked at other evidence, information and data, and I think if we were to go back in time and make that call, we would green that call and not penalise Artemis." –Excerpt from the website report of NewsTalkZB, the number one Kiwi radio network, after today's race between NZL and SWE that ended in controversy. Full story.

The crucial, and controversial, Gate 6 cross. Photo: ACEA.

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