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AC35: SWE-NZL protest and penalty in today's race 14 – screenshots from the live TV

UPDATE - 1400 PDT Sunday: NBCSN's highlights video of the SWE-NZL race is now available here; the Gate 6 incident is about 47 seconds into it.

YOU COULD SEE THIS DEVELOPING from literally a mile away – that it was going to be close at the final gate. I'll have more to say on the umpires' call in a later post (I think it was correct), but here are the screenshots I took of the incident off the NBCSN's great live coverage. Note that ACTV were on exactly the right shot, the overhead from the helicopter, not a shot from off the yachts or from a camera boat. Well done! The static screenshots do not do justice to the scary situation with closing speeds of 30+ knots. For that you have to watch the video, and I am sure we will get to see it over and over in tomorrow's live show if not via a clip on the ACEA YouTube channel later tonight. After looking at the screenshots, you can debate the call (by both the umpires and Artemis – tactically did they blow it?) on my personal Facebook page via comments under this post, or on the SI Facebook page where we are also putting up these individual SI posts. We have been overwhelmed again today with live viewers here on SI, and in one of the screenshots below you can see that someone is signing on from Belgium (BE). We've had 100-200 visitors live on the site all day today. Thanks again for your interest and support.

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