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AC35: Chief Ump Richard Slater (AUS) says in retrospect they would have green-flagged the Gate 6 inc

A GLUM-LOOKING CHIEF UMPIRE (in umpire lingo for radio comms and otherwise "Chief Umpire" is shortened, no joke, to "Chump") explains the call in a brief interview with ACTV's Genny Tulloch. I've known Richard Slater (AUS) for many years and he is honest to a fault. We have umpired together, I've had him on world championship juries that I chaired, and we were AC colleagues for I can't remember now how many campaigns, including AC34 in 2013 when he was OTUSA's rules advisor and I was head of external affairs, which are closely related. He's highly respected by the sailors and fellow umps. There's no one in the world better, and he has few peers. As most things in the Cup his discussion with Genny was nuanced. "At the time we thought it was the right call, but with additional data and analysis in retrospect we would have green-flagged it." Note Richard didn't say "should have green-flagged it." For non sailors, "green flag" means no penalty – play on.

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