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AC35: Day 2, Race 10 – SWE leads from start to finish, handing USA their first loss

SWE VS. USA. ARTEMIS RACING led handily off the starting line, but up Leg 3 OTUSA had closed it to almost nothing at the first cross. No match racing per se, but boring sideline-to-sideline splits as both teams are trying to minimize tacking and maximize speed around the tack. The left side is favored apparently due to more pressure, and the Swedes gain back to a 200m lead. Boat speeds are similar. SWE leads by 19 seconds at the Leg 3 gate. OTUSA gain a bit at the end of Leg 4 and manage a split at the start of Leg 5 upwind, Artemis going to what has been the favored left while OTUSA goes right. While NBCSN is in commercial, OTUSA gains dramatically and crosses just astern of SWE. Artemis pooches their next tack, and with OTUSA now over to the left sideline they take the lead, at least on Virtual Spectator. But SWE gets favorable short and puff, and manages to get through the Leg 5 gate 15 seconds ahead of USA. Artemis holds the lead down the Leg 6 run, and wins by 39 secs, handing OTUSA their first defeat in RR1. So the Swedish team loses to lowly FRA in their first race today, then knock off the series leader. Another 1-1 day for Artemis Racing that could have been 2-0. OTUSA also goes 1-1 today but will still lead the series on 4 points. For what it's worth, I for one like SWE's bright blue and yellow livery the best of all the teams.

Artemis Racing (SWE) doesn't look brittle, but so far not very consistent. But they manage to knock off series leader OTUSA after losing earlier today to FRA.

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