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AC35: Points on the scoreboard

WITH RACING GETTING UNDERWAY today in the what's being called the AC "Qualifiers," due to yesterday's blow-out there will be six matches today instead of three, each team racing twice starting at 1400 ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time - Bermuda), 1300 EDT (New York), 1000 PDT (San Francisco). For those of you in Europe that's 1900 CET, and in New Zealand 0500 NZT Sunday. Aussies? In the wee dark hours of your Sunday morning depending on timezone. Today's matches:

1 - USA v. FRA

2 - SWE v. JPN

3 - FRA v. NZL

4 - GBR v. SWE

5 - NZL v. USA

6 - GBR v. JPN

As SI reported on Tuesday, two teams already have points on the scoreboard. Under the perverse AC rules, the winner of the Louis Vuitton World Series events over 2015-16 is awarded two points at the beginning of the AC Qualifiers, and the runner-up gets one point. Hence the scoreboard this morning before racing begins, courtesy of the America's Cup app on my iPhone....

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