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AC35: Day 1, Race 3 – NZL drubs FRA

PETER BURLING STEERED THE KIWIS on Emirates Team New Zealand to a huge win over Franck Cammas and Groupmama Team France, to absolutely no one's surprise – especially after OTUSA had beaten the French by 2:11 in today's Race 1. Interesting that not all four Kiwi "cyclors" were pedaling all the time, at least on the weather legs. Joey Newton (AUS, OTUSA) continued to to do the on-the-water commentary for the NBCSN feed, and apparently will do so all day. He said the French didn't look particularly slow, just that their maneuvers were problematic (we would have said pathetic, but then Joey has to be more diplomatic on TV), losing dozens of meters on every tack and jibe. The Kiwis, on the other hand, looked fast and stable with foiling tacks and jibes that were nearly flawless. ACTV's continuing shots of the crowd, who wave and cheer as if on cue, are annoying. At one point the TV showed the Kiwis ahead by over three kilometers. The delta at the finish was 2m33s, even more than OTUSA's 2m11s win against FRA in Race 1.

You can't tell in this screen grab from the excellent NBCSN coverage, originated by ACTV, that the forward three "cyclors" are grinding but not the aft man, at least on the weather leg.

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