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AC35: Day 1, Race 1 – USA slaughters FRA

JIMMY SPITHILL and ORACLE TEAM USA won by 2m11s, indeed an absolute slaughter of Frank Cammas and Groupama Team France. OTUSA gained on every leg. Looked liked a high school football team playing the NFL Super Bowl Champs. OTUSA has some work to do on their foiling tacks, but otherwise looked quick and settled. FRA looked like a child's hobby horse, high on their foils, then low, high, then bows into the water. Indeed, they had an crashed ignominiously just before the finish line. On the runs OTUSA's tactician/trimmer Tom Slingsby (AUS) was pedaling on his new seat behind of Jimmy.

Nice crowd in the grandstands, and NBCSN showed them repeatedly. On cue, the crowd waved wildly. Bit strange that an OTUSA team member is the on-the-water reporter. Joey Newton (AUS) is a good commentator, but when was the last time you heard a member of, say, the Golden State Warriors as the sideline reporter when his team is playing an NBA opponent? Yesterday it was OTUSA's J.B. Braun (USA) commentating during the non-race show, I guess RC is saving money on commentators by having the OTUSA guys do double-duty. They do provide good insight as Kenny Read tries to squeeze team secrets out of them.

The ACTV coverage is excellent. I am watching both NBCSN on cable, and on the NBCSN app on my iPhone. Beaut. Good new lead commentator whose name escapes me, and Ken Read is doing his usual good job with the color.

Bottom line, a delta of over 2:00 minutes in a less than 20-minute race. FRA were more than one leg behind. No surprise, really, and sorry to say, a big yawn. SI's prediction on Tuesday of OTUSA to retain the Cup, and Groupama to be the first to go home, is so far looking good.

Next up - SWE v. JPN.

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