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Replay: Nigel Yalden interviews TFE on Radio Sport NZ – a lively preview of AC35

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "Doesn't hold back does he." – Radio Sport NZ host Nigel Yalden after interviewing SAILING ILLUSTRATED's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Tom Ehman on, what else, the America's Cup. Mr Yalden, who admits to being an AC newbie, is RadioSport's lead rugby commentator and host of the network's popular Saturday morning show. Nigel was filling in for the usual afternoon host Daniel McHardy. The 11m30s phone interview from San Francisco aired yesterday (Thursday afternoon in NZL, Wednesday evening in the USA). A replay is available here.

Radio Sport's Nigel Yalden (center) and SAILING ILLUSTRATED's Tom Ehman (right).

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