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Come on LEGO, no foils?

Even the LEGO sets are going multihull – will a foiling cat be next? Note this kit is recommended for ages 5-12, so we assume, LOL, the cola drink has no Mount Gay or Jack in it. Photo courtesy of our FB friend JD Abercrombie (USA, Redondo Beach) who manages the Redondo office for Marina Sailing (an ASA club that does charters and instruction). JD is a King Harbor YC stalwart and races ELLIS ISLAND II, a Catalina 34.

JD Abercrombie, far right, with his crew in their 2013 Halloween costumes, dressed as the OTUSA shore team. Apparently more than one party-goer took them for the real deal. No insult intended to JD and his mates – or vice versa!

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