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Lake St. Clair: NOT another rig down

UPDATE AND MEA CULPA: We are now learning that the photo below is also from Wednesday, and is the same yacht that lost it's rig Wednesday night in a weekly race run by, and that finishes in front of, the Windsor YC. The yacht, INSANITY TOO, is a J/120 owned by Marvin Ihnen and races out of Crescent Sail Yacht Club. Not another yacht that lost a rig on Saturday, contrary to reports from heretofore reliable sources in the Motor City. With thanks to FB Friend Beth Craig for sorting this out for us. We've edited our story from earlier tonight and deleted the fake news....

ON FRIDAY we posted dramatic photos of a rig that snapped at the deck, and the subsequent good efforts of the crew to rescue it, during an evening race last week on Lake St. Clair – the wide spot in the Detroit River that connects Lake Huron to Lake Erie. Detroit sits on the north side and Windsor, Ontario (CAN) on the south side, connected by the only bridge and tunnel in North America where you head south from the USA to get to Canada, but we digress.

We have since been told that last week's broken mast was on a J/120 racing in 20+ knots. Here's a photo of the yacht docking in Wednesday evening at CSYC.

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