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Thanks for a huge first week and great feedback; we're ending inbox overload

Flag L – "Come within hail"

THANKS FOR MAKING our first week such a success! 140 posts are up, 40 alone since Monday's official launch. We've had over 25,000 site visits, and the average time per visit is 3m45s – strong for most any specialty website, let alone a new launch. We are grateful for all your supportive texts, emails, and FB messages, and feedback. Many, many thanks!

We heard from some subscribers that you would rather have a summary email, say one per day, instead of an email immediately after each post 24/7. On the other hand many of you like the emails so as not to miss breaking news or a "big" article.

So we'll try this compromise. Effective with the next post (after this one), subscribers will no longer receive an email after each post. Instead, we will send you an email only when there is BREAKING NEWS or an article that we think is a MUST READ. A few times a week, not several times each day.

We hope you will agree this is a good solution. And any of you who unsubscribed can now re-subscribe without fear of inbox overload.

Finally, for those of you who use a news reader and want to add SAILING ILLUSTRATED, we have added an orange RSS button in the upper right corner of the "Latest" strip at the top of the Home Page.

We've added an orange RSS button in the upper right corner of the the "Latest" strip

Thanks again for your interest and support!

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