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The Prang heard, and seen, 'round the world

IF A PHOTO is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a million. And now, in the small world of Cup insiders, the question is being asked whether it was simply bad judgement, a bit of frustration at Land Rover BAR's lack of straight-line speed, or with malice aforethought. FFS, first it was t-boning the pier when docking in few weeks back. Now ETNZ. What's next of Sir Ben's agenda? Keep it up and the Brit media will be offering up any number of new nicknames. Sir Prang? Not Clear Asstern? Ben Dover?? As one wag put it, Peter Burling nailed the start, Sir Ben nailed him....

Damage done to Land Rover BAR's starboard bow. Photo: LRBAR.

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