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Kevin Shoebridge: Collisions in Cup racing likely

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "[ETNZ COO Kevin] Shoebridge said collisions like this could happen during the competition involving the fast, wing-sailed catamarans, which rise up on hydrofoils when they hit a certain speed and zip across the top of the waves. Some teams have hit 49 mph.'I think it highlights something that we potentially will see in the Cup,' Shoebridge said. “These boats are traveling at high speeds. Obviously it’s very competitive, and at close quarters this can happen and this will happen, I’m sure, throughout the event." –From another insightful piece by the AP's Bernie Wilson, just out.

Land Rover BAR struck the rear left side of the Emirates Team New Zealand cat. [Of course that's aft port-side for our sailing friends; we used ETNZ's caption who, in fairness, are writing for a general audience -TFE] Photo (and caption): ETNZ

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