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StFYC: A cadre of coaches second to none for yesterday's NACRA High Performance Clinic

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "This weekend’s High Performance NACRA Clinic has been seriously awesome. The highlights: 26 kids taking their sailing to the next level; 6 NACRA 15s, the largest fleet in the country and ideal for Olympic-level training; 9 volunteer coaches including Malcolm Page (AUS, US Olympic Sailing Director and 2x Gold Medalist); Pete Melvin (1988 Olympian), Craig Healy (2000 Olympian), Chris Steinfeld (1984 Olympian; Silver Medalist), Mike Martin (3x 505 World Champion), Pamela Healy (1992 Olympian, Bronze Medalist) and Mike Menninger (Team Race National Champion). Thank you to these world-class sailors for giving back to the sailing community with their enthusiasm and knowledge. The kids loved getting to fly!" –Meredith Laitos, StFYC YC comms director, in a post to the Club's Facebook page this morning.

With thanks to our FB friends Sam Tobio and Brad Reutenick for the heads up, we are pleased to add kudos for Bryan Paine for helping to organize the clinic. Sam said, "Bryan founded the first and most successful youth multihull team in the USA – practically the pioneer of youth multihull sailing." Brad added, "Bryan has been pushing high performance sailing out here in SD and the West Coast. Now if we can just get some of the clubs to support it instead of strictly HS and college 'rock-the-boat' sailing." Photos: Kimball Livingston (top), Chris Ray (middle two), and Pamela Healy (bottom).

Saturday's High Performance NACRA clinic hosted by StFYC. Photo: Kimball Livingston

Saturday's High Performance NACRA clinic hosted by StFYC.

Saturday's High Performance NACRA clinic hosted by StFYC. That's the flag of the San Francisco Sailing Foundation, which supports Olympic and other top and aspiring sailors.

Learning at the feet of Masters: demonstrating proper trapeze technique are clinic coaches Pete Melvin (foreground) and Bryan Paine (center). Standing on the far right and taking it all in is the current Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Daniela Moroz.

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