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Viper 640 Class: What's fueling the growth?

QUOTE-UNQUOTE: "Happy Friday Viper sailors. Lawrence Crispin from the UK became the 70th entry at the Ft. Walton NAs in October. This is the first time in Class history the Vipers have broken the 70-entry mark. There are now 9 teams from 4 countries planning to attend from outside the U.S....the phrase "Ft. Walton Worlds" almost rolls off the tongue." –This morning's post on the nice Facebook page of the Viper Class

Congrats to the class and all involved. What's fueling the growth? OK, so you can't point to any one thing, but I have a pretty good idea of what is maybe the key ingredient. What do you think it is? Join the discussion in the Classes section of the new SAILING ILLUSTRATED Forum.

Corinthian racing in the fast-growing Viper 640 Class.

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