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Revealed: Why BADPAK and INVISIBLE HAND sat out Sunday's Yachting Cup race

NEW CLASS, NEW MEDIA -- An excellent, MUST SEE YouTube video from last weekend's inaugural PAC 52 racing as part of SDYC's Yachting Cup. The vid was released this morning by the class and produced by videographer Justin Richard. One of the best sailing videos I've seen in a long time. Cool boats, cool people, common-sense cooperation among the amateur owner-drivers, with half the crews non-pro, what's not to like?

The reason that BADPAK and INVISIBLE HAND did not race on Sunday is revealed by 'HAND owner Frank Slootman at the 3:10 mark. Wise move, and nice to see some flexibility in the rules to accommodate the growing pains, especially getting the affected owners out on the other two yachts for Sunday's race.

This is the kind of grand prix racing that, IMHO, most American sailors, aspire to do. And for those already involved, well, here's what Tyler Wolk, our good friend and esteemed bowman on FOX, said on his Facebook page today: "Super excited to be part of this class. Looking forward to our next event in Newport Beach next month!"

Here's hoping this class continues to grow on the West Coast and beyond. It's off to a great start.

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