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SDYC Yachting Cup to race in San Diego Bay

OK, IT'S NOT EXACTLY BREAKING NEWS, nor unheard of, but this morning the SDYC Yachting Cup Race Committee decided to delay the start of racing to 1230, and race the 100-boat Yachting Cup fleet in San Diego Bay, not out in the ocean. It's not the wind (13 gusting 18 mph, laying down through the afternoon) as much as the seas. It blew all day yesterday, and overnight, so in the Pacific the seaway is significant. With the breeze from the SW opposing a southerly current, it makes for an unusually rough day in the Pacific. That's not only hard on the competitors but also on the RC, who have to lay marks that stay put (hard to do in normal conditions in the relatively deep water just off SD) and anchor the RC boat – to say nothing of keeping down their breakfasts.

We also hear that only two PAC 52s will race today. Apparently BADPAK and INVISIBLE HAND sustained boat problems during yesterday's windy and bumpy conditions. So it's going to be a match race for the inaugural PAC 52 title, and early-season bragging rights, between Manouch Moshayedi's RIO 52 and Victor Wild's FOX.

Regardless, it should be a cool day of stadium racing on SD Bay, with the course set between Shelter Island to the west, Harbor Island to the north, the City Front to the East, and North Island to the south. Should be some great photos for our Monday Morning Report, if not later today.

Beautiful San Diego Bay in an undated file photo. Today it's windy and rainy.
San Diego Bay, looking east from Point Loma above SDYC (peaked roof, foreground) to the City Front. North Island (Coronado, and the Naval Air Station) are to the right.

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