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SDYC Yachting Cup: Strong start for Manouch Moshayedi's RIO 52

MANOUCH MOSHAYEDI's brand new RIO 52 won two of today's three races on the first day of Yachting Cup, San Diego YC's annual spring regatta for premier racing yachts which is also serving as the inaugural regatta for the new PAC 52 class. With a scoreline of 2-1-1, RIO 52 (Newport Beach) ends the day ahead of Tom Holthus' BADPAK (San Diego), thought by many to be the pre-regatta favorite. BADPAK finished an inconsistent 1-2-4. Were they getting worse as the day went on, or the others getting better? Difference in the breeze later this afternoon? We'll have insider insight later.

Rounding out the four-boat fleet were Frank Slootman's INVISIBLE HAND in 3rd with a 3-4-2, and fourth place FOX (Victor Wild, San Diego) with a 4-3-3. This is FOX's second season, the first for the other three recently-splashed yachts. Full results here.

The video below, courtesy of SDYC, is the start of today's first race. RIO 52 (orange boat) nails the windward-end of the line with good pace. BADPAK (dark blue) is to leeward of FOX, INVISIBLE HAND (silver) further to leeward, and FOX (light blue) is mostly out-of-sight to leeward of INVISIBLE HAND near the pin.

Below, BADPAK waiting, along with the fleet and Race Committee, for the wind to fill in before the start of today's first race in the Pacific off Point Loma.

Tom Holthus' BADPAK, before today's first race of the SDYC Yachting Cup.

Follow the action all weekend on the SDYC Yachting Cup website, and, of course, here at SAILING ILLUSTRATED.

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