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Olympian brings power to Team NZ

QUOTE-UNQUOTE — "But Sullivan gets his fix of camaraderie at Team NZ, something a little different than in his previous sport. 'In rowing, we were stuck in our crews. We mixed, but not to the same extent as in this team. We all eat lunch together – designers, boatbuilders, sailors – and every few Fridays we stay for drinks. It’s a lot better team atmosphere; everyone knows what’s going on. It’s pretty special to be part of a massive team who are all on the same page." That’s been no more evident than in the past two weeks, when everyone in the 90-strong crew packed up the Auckland base – including the race yacht – into an Emirates SkyCargo 747, which flew out of the city on Monday. There were 42 tonnes of belongings on board – one boat, two wing sails, a chase boat, daggerboards, gym equipment, electrics, hydraulics and a huge amount of supplementary equipment. --Our longtime friend and super-scribe Suzanne McFadden, writing for, today. There is no better description of what it's like to work for an AC team than the foregoing.

Olympic rowing gold medalist turned Emirates Team New Zealand 'cyclor' Joe Sullivan. Photo: Supplied

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