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AC36: Video shows THE DOLPHIN foiling – at least under tow; another shoreside shot of NYYC American

SAN FRANCISCO (#1201) — It's only Monday and, as promised, it's already been the most interesting week in years for the oldest trophy in international sports. If you missed TFE LIVE on Friday with our special guest Britton Ward (AUS, USA), AC veteran designer and Chief Naval Architect at Farr Yacht Design in Annapolis who joined me live via Skype to analyze the first photos of ETNZ's AC75 formally named THE DOLPHIN at their christening ceremony on Friday, watch a replay here.

ETNZ towing THE DOLPHIN on Auckland's Waitematā Harbour on Monday.

Caption contest? THE DOLPHIN under low-speed tow with foil arms horizontal, and the foils just below the surface of the water.

NYYC American Magic's B1 (Boat No. 1), yet to be formally launched and named, about to be splashed for dockside testing in Rhode Island on Sunday. Or in this photo was it already on it's way out of the water? More on tomorrow's (Tuesday) TFE LIVE at 1300 Pacific as always on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page.

And check out the fuselage (nose?) on the tip of the foil arm. Does it look like a goose in flight?

Indeed, NYYC American Magic's B1 was tow-tested on Sunday.

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