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AC36: Sir Ben Ainslie's INEOS Team UK preparing to splash their new AC75; but apparently not unt

San Francisco (#1200) — Screen-grab below is courtesy of, posted on 5 Sep 2019. Did Sr. Ben & Co. just now figure out they needed more dockside depth for their new AC75, or has something held up the necessary dredging work? With thanks to FOSI Margherita Bottini Marshall for the link.

One hears that the next AC75 to splash will be New York Yacht Club's American Magic, imminent now that Hurricane Dorian has passed by Newport, RI. Should be another interesting week in CupWorld.

If you missed Friday's TFE LIVE with analysis by special guest Britton Ward (AUS/USA, Farr Yacht Design) of the AC75 revealed and launched in Auckland by Emirates Team New Zealand Friday morning, you can watch a replay here. More on the ETNZ launch in the YouTube video below.

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