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TFE LIVE for Today (Tuesday): Laurent Esquier (FRA/USA), veteran America's Cup sailor, coach, te

SAN FRANCISCO (#1185) – Laurent Esquier was born in France, lives in the USA, and is also fluent in Italian. He's been involved in the America's Cup since the 1970s, even longer than Bruno Troublé and, er, your Ed. There is no one in the Cup today with more experience, or better perspective. He will be my guest today on TFE LIVE, via Skype from Milano, with the latest on the ever-changing AC36 waterscape.

Please note that the USA is now on Daylight Savings Time (Summertime), so today's TFE LIVE, while airing as always at 1300 Pacific on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page, will be on an hour earlier than usual in Europe (2100 CET) and in other countries that have not gone on Summertime (northmen hemisphere) or off (including AUS and NZL).

And as usual we will take your questions and comments via our live Facebook feed, or email them to us in advance.

Today's show airs, as always, at 1300 Pacific, but until Europe goes on Summertime at the end of March that's 2100 CET; also an hour earlier Down Under (e.g., at 0900 NZT).

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