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#RSHYR: Top four maxis within 1.2NM; here’s the best Sydney Hobart race tracker, courtesy of Windy.c

SAN FRANCISCO (#1157) — Shaping up to be another great race. Would you stay on the better angle, or jibe (gybe!) for the pressure to the east? And never forget that, at the end of this race, a river runs through it. It's anyone's race. And it's not just a race for "line honours" (first to finish), but the race for top boat under the applicable handicap(s).

IMHO the best race tracker is here, courtesy of Windy:

For those who have asked: SOG = Speed Over the Ground (in knots); DTL = Distance to Leader (in nautical miles); and DTF = Distance to Finish (in nautical miles).

Watch a replay of the start on yesterday's special TFE LIVE, that's already had over 5,500 views, over on our Sailing Illustrated Facebook page here.

More on the excellent Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race website here. The 74th annual edition of this epic race is hosted, as always, by the esteemed Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

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