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AC36: First video of INEOS Team UK foil-borne on their 28' test monohull, which we have dubbed t

PLYMOUTH, GBR (#1077) – A friend in the UK has kindly sent a video taken today of Sir Ben Ainslie's (GBR) modified Quant 28 under sail and in full flight. The video was taken by Harry Aitchison and appeared this evening (London time) on the London Corinthian Sailing Club Facebook page. The post was cheekily entitled, "We have liftoff." It is the first video of which we are aware of Sir Ben's test platform. We previously had pictures of the yacht dockside and under tow, but this is the first video of the yacht sailing let alone fully foil-borne. It appears the floats seen in recent photos have been removed for this video, leading one to believe that the floats are necessary for stability while at the dock and under tow. Your thoughts?

The video, reportedly shot from a Dragon Fly 25 by Harry Aitchison, was posted this evening on the London Corinthian Sailing Club's Facebook page.

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