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TWT: Former IYRU/ISAF President Paul Henderson (CAN) will join live via Skype to discuss World Saili

SAN FRANCISCO (#1014) – Joining us today via Skype for our regular Tuesdays with TFE live webcast is the esteemed Paul Henderson (CAN, Royal Canadian YC). From his decades of service to the sport, twelve years as President of World Sailing (then IYRU/ISAF) and as a former member of the IOC, Mr Henderson has a unique perspective on the current controversies swirling around World Sailing. And what's coming next?

As usual, at 1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern / 2200 CET / 0800+1 NZT on our SI Facebook page:

We will do our best not to gas-bag between ourselves for the entire hour, but save lots of time to read your comments on air (as our regular Dear Viewers know that we always do), and to put your questions to Mr Henderson. You can expect candid, no holds-barred responses.

Join us for today's weekly webcast Tuesday's with TFE when our special guest will be former World Sailing (then IYRU/ISAF) President Paul Henderson (CAN), live via Skype from Toronto. 1300 Pacific / 1600 Eastern / 2200 CET / 0800+1 NZT as always on our SI Facebook page.

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