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VOR: Scallywag confirms they are en route to Itajaí with a delivery crew, via the Straight of Magell

PUERTO MONTT, CHILE – A few minutes ago the Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag team posted this welcome news (screengrab below) to their Facebook page, confirming the news that Sailing Illustrated broke earlier today that Scalawag had docked out from Puerto Montt and are en route with a delivery crew to Itajaí. They've named the eight sailors who "flew to the end of the Earth at a(n] hours notice," and announced, no surprise, that the team will pass through the Straight of Magellan – the Chilean inland waterway that is a calmer shortcut between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans at the southern end of South America.


SHK/Scallywag have announced that the delivery crew will take the yacht, no surprise, through the Straight of Magellan from the Pacific to the Atlantic rather than rounding Cape Horn.

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