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Clipper Race: GREENINGS won't continue after grounding leaves it partially submerged off Cape To

CAPE TOWN, RSA – The yacht GREENINGS is partially submerged and listing to port after running aground shortly after the start of Leg 3 of the Clipper Race. Officials say the yacht will not be able to continue on in the round-the-world race. GREENINGS ran aground on the western side of the Cape Peninsula on Tuesday.

The crew was safely evacuated and returned to Cape Town. No injuries were reported.

There’s still no word about how the accident happened. A photo released by race organizers shows the yacht listing badly, not unlike Team Vestas Wind after it ran aground in the Indian Ocean in the Volvo Ocean Race in December 2014.

Race officials say they’ve told Interim skipper Andy Woodruff (GBR) and the crew that the yacht will not continue in the race. Discussions were also held with Greenings skipper David Hartshorn (GBR), who is recovering from an injury suffered earlier in the race.

Underwriters have appointed a surveyor who will check the boat Thursday. A decision will then be made whether the boat will be salvaged.

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