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AC36: Are Jimmy Spithill and Larry Ellison teaming up again for a Cup challenge?

SAN FRANCISCO – Sayonara? Or we'll be back? Headline on an article just out on the website: "Jimmy Spithill says Oracle Team USA will try to win back America's Cup." The article is based on this interview with Jimmy on the Red Bull website. It's a must read for AC fans.

As your Ed. has been saying since the end of AC35, never, ever count Larry Ellison out. He could start up the Alt Cup, or he could challenge for AC36, or he could sit this one out. He's got plenty to keep him busy, including his latest real estate purchase of the historic CalNeva Resort and Casino on Lake Tahoe once owned by Frank Sinatra.

But Larry loves a big challenge, and that's just what winning the Cup back would be. Meanwhile, Mr Spithill's 9,900 square-foot, five-bedroom villa in Bermuda has been put on the market for $8.5 million.

Jimmy's 9,900 square-foot home in Bermuda can be yours for $8.5 million. Photo courtesy of BDA's Royal Gazette.

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