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Volvo Ocean Race: North Sails introduces new 'J0' sail to fill gap between Code Zero and J1

ALICANTE, ESP – As the exclusive official supplier to the Volvo Ocean Race, North Sails has created a new 171m² sail to fill an apparent gap between the masthead Code Zero (MH0) and the J1 jib that is expected to boost the performance of the VO65s in the bluewater classic. North Sails developed the sail after analyzing extensive data, doing further modeling and listening to feedback from sailors, who reported having to constantly switch between the MH0 and the J1, two of the biggest sails carried onboard while searching for the configuration that gave them the best speed.

The introduction of the J0 eliminates the need to change headsails so frequently, which is welcome news for sailors who expend thousands of calories a day hoisting the massive sails.

“The most important feedback we got from the last race was that there was a gap between the J1 and the masthead zero,” North Sails designer Gautier Sergent said.

“Between 10 and 15 knots of wind, the crews were forever changing sails as they looked for the best configuration. We wanted to provide a solution for this gap, so we introduced a new J0 that fits perfectly between the J1 and the masthead zero.

“The teams will still have to stack the J0 but they don’t need to tack or gybe every day when they are sailing offshore, so overall it is a net gain with fewer sail changes.“

North Sails has spent a lot of time comparing recent race data with historic weather routings, using software developed with Great Circle, to guarantee the J0 strikes the perfect balance among the VO65 fleet’s sail inventory.

Targeted for conditions between eight and 15 knots upwind and up range reaching, the bowsprit-set J0 is already proving a useful tool in a much wide range of conditions.

Not only will the Volvo Ocean Race crews now have a new sail to play with but they will also get better use of their existing arsenal.

The masthead code 0 will be much more effective while the fractional code 0, which had a very narrow range in upwind conditions in the 2014-15 race, becomes a dedicated downwind sail.

“The addition of the J0 is better suited to the new race course, which has more of a Southern Ocean routing,” Sergent added. “It also allows the fractional and masthead code zeros to become more efficient and the fractional zero to become more downwind-oriented.”

The current crop of Volvo Ocean Race sailors got their chance to put the new sail through its paces during Leg Zero, the four-stage qualifying series that included the iconic Fastnet offshore race.

Early feedback from the teams has been overwhelmingly positive.

“North Sails have done a really good job – they listened to the feedback and developed the J0 for this edition, which is what we need,” said Dongfeng Race Team crewman Daryl Wislang. “Upwind it’s a very versatile sail but it can be used at the wider angles as well. It’s going to get a lot of use.”

Dee Caffari, skipper of Turn the Tide on Plastic, added: “It’s the first time we’ve even seen a J0, and I think it’s my new favorite sail. It’s a really interesting space that it fits into so we’ll have a look at that in more detail. It’s a big change for the sail wardrobe for this edition of the race.”

Pablo Arrarte, watch captain on MAPFRE, said each team must decide how best to use the J0. “It is a critical sail, new for everyone, and we have to test it intensely,” he said. “Each team will make their own conclusions while training about how to use it to their best advantage.”

Like the rest of North Sails’ Volvo Ocean Race inventory, the J0 is made from its unique 3Di technology that pushes the boundaries of sail design. The patented technology, developed for the Volvo Ocean Race, uses tiny pre-impregnated filament tapes to mirror the load-bearing and shape-holding qualities of a rigid aerofoil wing while remaining lightweight and durable.

The first in-port race is Oct. 14 in Alicante, and the fleet leaves Oct. 22 on the first of the 11 offshore legs.

North Sails has introducted a new headsail to fill the gap between the code 0 and the J1 jib for the Volvo Ocean Race fleet.

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