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Irma's incursion: A special Facebook Live with Mark Michaelsen early Sunday morning – 0700 PDT /

SAN FRANCISCO – At the request many of our Dear Readers, and with over 1700 views of our live show yesterday, I will again go live with our SI severe weather expert, Mark Michaelsen, Sunday morning at 0700 PDT / 1000 EDT on my personal Facebook page ( You don't have to be a Facebook member, or a Facebook friend of mine, to watch. And of course there's no cost. Just navigate to that URL, just like any other website, on any computer or mobile device. Mark will update us on the very latest as the Irma, expected to strengthen to Cat 4 overnight, goes through the Florida Keys and targets, apparently, one of the USA's major sailing areas – Tampa Bay – with storm surge of possibly 10-12 feet. Mark will also give us the latest on Hurricane Jose that, hopefully, is taking a turn to the north overnight, sparing the Caribbean islands through which Irma cut such a wide and devastating swath.

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