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AC36: We're from the (NZL) government, and we're here to help – with the Protocol

AUCKLAND – Team NZ are set to reveal their plans for the next event, likely to be held in early 2021, later this month. This follows negotiations with Luna Rossa, the challenger of record. But it is not just the Italian team looking to hold sway over the plans for the regatta. A document circulated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - the lead government agency for the next America's Cup - stressed the urgency in cosying up to the Kiwi syndicate. "The government has the opportunity to work with Team NZ over the coming weeks and months to influence the design and nature of the event," the document stated. Officials were concerned that decisions would progress quickly, and recommended "early engagement to allow Government to influence the decision making from both Team New Zealand and Auckland Council". The interest appeared to extend to the type of boat class selected for the event, the timing of the regatta and broadcast arrangements. Minister of economic development Simon Bridges, who chairs the minister's group for the 36th America's Cup, noted in a paper to cabinet that the protocol has "the ability to impact the event significantly". –Dana Johannsen writing in Sunday's New Zealand Herald. Full story.

Meanwhile, Tuesday morning the Auckland City Council held an open session on planning for AC36, particularly the location of team bases, as reported today by the New Zealand Herald and also by Richard Gladwell with a detailed photo-essay on

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff. Mr Goff said he is not interested in funding the event, but is interested in an infrastructure legacy as was left by the 2000 Defense. Photo: Greg Bowker, NZH.

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