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AC35: PLP storms to election victory in Bermuda, defeating the Prime Minister, and his party, that b

HAMILTON, BER – The Progressive Labour Party has clinched a hugely convincing General Election victory, with Bob Richards the greatest casualty for the One Bermuda Alliance. Christopher Famous defeated the former finance minister 513 to 419 in Devonshire East to record the biggest shock of the night. Immediately afterwards, Mr Richards announced his retirement from politics. It is one of seven seats the PLP has taken from the OBA throughout the evening, to complete a 24-12 win....At a press conference, defeated former premier Michael Dunkley acknowledged that his party had suffered some “crushing defeats” on a “tough day”. “Congratulations to Mr Burt and the PLP. My colleagues and I wish them all the best as they try and move Bermuda forward,” he said. “We will take time to reflect on the defeat that we took. “We will reflect on 4½ years when we made real progress. The country is in a better position now but the people of Bermuda want a change.” Mr Dunkley thanked his colleagues for their efforts and singled out Bob Richards for praise saying the former finance minister had brought the country out of the economic abyss. –Article by Tim Smith in Bermuda's Royal Gazette after yesterday's elections in Bermuda that saw the One Bermuda Alliance, the party that backed hosting the America's Cup, losing control of parliament.

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