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Tuesdays with TFE: Watch a replay of our new weekly Facebook Live show for July 11, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO – The inaugural edition of "Tuesdays with TFE," our weekly 30-minute live multimedia show with news, rumors and innuendo from the world of yacht racing, is done and dusted. Watch a replay here and join us for next week's live show on our SAILING ILLUSTRATED Facebook Page:

Thanks to Dobbs Davis of Seahorse Magazine for joining TFE for an interview that was packed full of insider info on the Transpac.

This new weekly live show is by popular demand after the big success of our AC35 Pre-Race Shows before the start of racing in Bermuda each day. Thanks to all our Dear Readers, Facebook Friends, and others for your interest and support.

Please do visit our SI Facebook Page and "follow" it, which means you will get a Facebook notification anytime we go live.

By the way, we are not wed to Tuesdays or to 1100 PDT. We also considered Tuesdays at 1400 PDT which is 1700 on the East Coast and a little late in Europe's evening (2300), but better for our many fans in Auckland where it would be 0900 and Australia where it would be 0700. We are trying to find a time that works for the majority of our SI subscribers and fans that now stretch from Australia to Europe and beyond. Please let us have your thoughts by commenting below, or via email (

Meanwhile, if you didn't catch today's show live, enjoy the replay which we will post each week here on SI....

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