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Oh, Canada: Happy 150th birthday!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – To our Canadian family and friends, and all of our Dear Readers celebrating it today, Happy Canada Day! 2017 is special because it's the 150th anniversary of the July 1, 1867 Constitutional Act that united the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada. Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed giving Canada constitutional independence from the United Kingdom.

TRUE NORTH, the Canadian challenger for the 1987 America's Cup in Perth, Western Australia, racing in the challenger selection series for the Louis Vuitton Cup in late 1986. Here's hoping our neighbors to the north will be back in the Cup in Auckland come 2021! Your Ed. believes, but is not sure, that this is another fabulous Daniel Forster photo.

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